Ramadan Daily Programs

  •  Taraweeh will start based on Moon Sighting on either Tuesday March 21st 2023 or Wednesday March 22nd 2023
  •  Daily Iftar/Dinner at the Masjid for the full month of Ramadan
  •  We will be collecting and distributing zakat/fitra within the community to eligible individuals/familes
  •  Masjid Of Waltham annual fundraising on March 31st, 2023
  •  Ar-Raheem Academy fundraising on April 7th, 2023
  •  Ummati Foundation fundraising on April 14th, 2023

  • Sponsor your Masjid during Ramadan $700 per Day or $350 per Sponsor per day.
  • You can donate via Venmo, PayPal below are the links provided for donation.
    Click on individual option for donation Venmo, , PayPal

  • Contact   Br. Abdul Kareem 781 308 5610